At Climbing in Spain, we want to make the best of your outdoor climbing and facilitate your plans to help you to get to know lots of different rock climbing areas. We’ll take you to the areas that you are dying to discover and can make suggestions so that you can make the most of our experience.


First, tell us about your ideas. We’ll be happy to listen. What climbing areas would you like to visit? Do you have any specific routes that you’d like to climb?

On the other hand, if you don’t have a clear idea or previous experience, that’s no problem. You can take your pick from the rock climbing activities below. You’ll surely find one (or several) that inspire you.

And who hasn’t dreamed about unreachable climbing routes in remote areas? This may be the first step for you to achieve that goal.


It’s a paradox that Madrid, despite being such a large, busy and even chaotic city, is located in an incredible area for rock climbing. And it’s true, this city of 6.5 million offers you the chance to discover breathtakingly  beautiful corners

There are two large climbing areas that stand out.

  • Patones, a climbing area whose vertical limestone walls will not leave you (or your forearms) indifferent.

  • La Pedriza is an emblematic place. It is always surprising in its size, beauty and the variety of climbing that it has to offer.


To start with, the spectacular landscapes of the Sierra de Gredos and its sharp crags provide an idyllic setting for trad climbing.

In addition to its sharp spires and imposing crags offer one-of-a-kind climbing routes  and adventures, with climbers facing climbing that is unbolted, in its wildest state.

In short, if you are looking to get away from the crowds and find primitively vertical landscapes, these proposals for climbing on granite will surely fulfil your most adventurous expectations.


There are many reasons to travel to Valencia or to Levante in general. First off, the warm, pleasant climate of the Levante area.  The variety and quality of the climbing areas is no less of an attraction. Along with the ocean and beaches, which offer swimming year-round. All of this makes Alicante one of the best places for practicing our sport.

In terms of multi-pitch trad climbing, as well as single-pitch sport climbing routes, quality is always guaranteed.

In addition, some of the most well-known climbing areas include: Ponoig, Puig Campana, El Peñón de Ifach, el Divino, Sella, Redován…to name just a few, but the list is enormous. Long enough to guarantee that we can find the perfect activity for you.

Oh, and don’t forget the gastronomical treasures of Levante, with its signature dish: paella.


The Pyrenees is unquestionably one of the most spectacular climbing areas worldwide. Among other things, its location in the northern part of the peninsula makes it an exceptional climbing area for the summer months and even in the spring and autumn.

  • Riglos stands out, with its towering walls covered with ‘bolos’ and filled with bulges that always guarantee routes with lots of vertical atmosphere.

  • The Ordesa Valley is another area that we have to mention, with climbing on rock that is of such high quality that it makes it one of the most sought-after destinations of the most daring adventurers.


The “Picu Uriellu”, commonly known as the Naranjo de Bulnes  , is a milestone that rises up with a voice of its own in this rich and varied mountain range.

 This is undoubtedly one of the peaks that is most sought-after by climbers, and for good reason: the limestone walls of this emblematic place always guarantee climbing that is filled with the taste of adventure.

The classic lines of its climbing routes criss-cross this limestone collosus and it is hard to find comparable surroundings anywhere in the world. This means that it’s no exaggeration to describe the Naranjo de Bulnes simply as grandiose.


The first thought that runs through your mind is the amazing number of climbing opportunities that the world has to offer.

Would you like to climb the Pan de Azúcar or the Cristo de Corcovado in Río de Janeiro? Or would you prefer an activity that includes climbing cliffs that look out over the idyllic sea of Thailand? A visit to the Old man of Stoer in the middle of the Scottish sea? How about a fanatical sport-climbing vacation in Kalymnos? And the list goes on…

We’re open to any suggestions, so ask us about more destinations that might be of interest to you.



These suggestions are intended to inspire you. But there are many other areas where we can accompany you to go climbing that you’ll surely love visiting with us.

So if you have something in mind, a climbing route or a visit to a specific area that you’ve been meaning to make that isn’t on this list, we’d love to hear about it. You can get in touch with us through our contact form. This way, we’ll be able to find a way to make your project a reality.

You might also find some of our additional proposals to be of interest. If you’re looking to improve your strength, endurance, technical and mental capabilities… You might be interested in our climbing training, or if you’re more interested in evolving in other technical areas, acquiring more autonomy, learning new maneuvers, or increasing your safety in this sport, try our climbing courses. Click on the links to find out more information on these areas of our services. You’ll find something that interests you, for sure.

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