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What do I have to do to get into climbing?

Lots of people want to get started in rock climbing and they ask themselves this. It's more than likely that you can start climbing with your current level of fitness. While it is true that it's advisable to have done some type of sport, unless you have a medical condition, you're in.

In fact, climbing can be as simple as we would like to make it, and normally it's within reach of everyone. We can also increase the difficulty to give you a challenge that is up to your expectations.

Take a look at our guided rock climbing excursions if you'd like us to accompany you, our rock climbing courses if you would like training to be able to go out climbing on your own. If you're even more interested, look into our proposals for training climbers. here.

Is my skill level adequate?

Each one of the activity descriptions will indicate the specific difficulty of each one. If you still have questions, get in touch with us and we can help you. Click here to see all of the activities that we lead on rock and then, if you'd like, find out about our courses and training.

How do I sign up for the activity?

If you're interested in an activity, just fill out the form on the page for each activity, complete the payment through our secure payment gateway, and click SEND. You will be forwarded to a confirmation page and will receive an email confirming the reservation. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the available dates.

Click on activities and services to see our proposals.

Or you can contact us. if you have any questions about available dates or any other questions. For more information about our contract policy, click this link for detailed information.

Is the equipment included?

You can see the equipment that is included in the specific description of each activity.

As a general rule, all of the collective safety equipment is included in the total price.

Additional personal equipment is available for rental.

Can I cancel the activity?

It's possible to cancel after you have signed up. Read our cancellation conditions here.

Do I need insurance?

The activities provided by Climbing in Spain include an insurance policy that covers all of Spain, including Andorra, the French Pyrenees, Portugal and Morocco.

This is through a policy contracted with the Madrid Mountaineering Federation. For more information, check out our contracting conditions in the insurance section.

For activities outside Spain, we recommend that you have your own insurance. If you need advice, contact us and we can help you.

Can I sign up by myself?

If you're interested in an activity and your friends don't want to join you this time, no problem. You have two options.

The first is to pay the activity fee for a single person. This will guarantee absolutely personalised attention that is suited to your needs.

The second option would be to contact us, tell us what course or activity you're interested in, and as soon as we can form a group, we'll give you a call.

Where is it possible to climb?

It's possible to climb on both artificial structures as well as out in nature, on both the inside and outside of buildings.

Climbing gyms allow you to develop the skills of sport climbing or bouldering. The advantage is that they offer an alternative that is close to the city, convenient and free of any weather concerns.

Rock, on the other hand, is a place that is filled with adventure. Close to Madrid, our playing fields are: La Pedriza, Patones, La Cabrera… To name just a few. But the truth is that Spain is full of fantastic places to practice this sport.

How can I climb?

Climbing is a complex sport from the psycho-motor perspective, given the variety of movements and is particularly technical in terms of the maneouvres involved. Especially taking into account the associated safety component. For this reason, to facilitate the learning process, and to make it faster and safer, it is especially advisable to contract the help of a professional. If you're here, it's because you've made the right choice. Go to our home page and take a look at the activities and the different types of climbing that we offer.